Labour Relations Support and Training

The UCT Law@Work Club is an online management community providing continual support and training in labour relations and employment law. Click the links below to explore the Club features:


Continual Learning

Continual Support

Continual Resources

Video training

Expand your knowledge of the South African labour law with weekly video tutorials. Labour expert Andrew Breetzke, delves into a variety of topics ranging from medical certificates to unfair dismissals.

This training tool often explains such topics using practical case studies and presentations to assist with your learning.

Same day support

Receive advice on labour relations from the team of experts – including a labour attorney. HR topics discussed on the forum include demotions, issues surrounding maternity leave, and poor performance at work.

The discussion forum also provides you with the opportunity to engage with fellow Club members and to expand your network.

Customisable templates

Browse a library of best -practice templates and up-to-date policies.

The template library includes resources such as employment contracts and company policies that you can customise – labour law resources vital to any workplace.

Two weekly newsletters

Be informed about recent industry news, management advice and employment law.

Progress your understanding of employment law by learning about topics such as avoiding a trip to the CCMA and the proper procedures to follow when handling an unfair dismissal case. They also delve into relevant cases from the CCMA, LC, LAC.

Acts and amendments explained

Review labour acts and Codes of Good Practice. Categorised for your convenience, the acts and amendments section forms part of your support system for human resource training and your understanding of the amendment bills.

Popular acts explained are the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour Relations Act.

Case law library

Use the case law library to support your understanding of the labour law.

Resources in this library include examples of misconduct and unfair dismissal disputes. Search by case name or category.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is designed to support your understanding of the South African labour law. Each category links all of the relevant content that the site has on a desired topic. Resources included a collection of simplified descriptions, video training, forum discussions and case laws. The Learning Centre also includes the weekly quizzes to test your knowledge as well as useful information that is specific to your industry.